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Autari Mau Dior (AKA De De)

We have entered De-De into three shows as a kitten and we

Are very proud of her results and would like to thank the judges for the lovely critiques and awards

Coventry & Leicester Cat Club 22th February 2014

Judge Mrs H Marriott-Power

1 & BOB LANE'S AUTARI MAU DIOR 78 30s F 6.11.13

Very well grown for just three and a half months of age. Slightly rounded wedge of medium length. Profile shows gentle contour with slight rise from bridge to forehead and down neck. Uniform width down nose to gently rounded muzzle, slight teething pinch at present. Level bite but slightly shallow chin. Slightly oversized ears at present but broad at base, slightly pointed, set well back and cupped forward to follow line of head. Large, rounded almond shaped eyes, set straight under a level brow, colour still developing from muddy tones. Well balanced with medium body, firm and deceptively weighty, elegant proportionate legs and small rounded paws. Medium length tail, thicker at base and tapering gently towards tip. Fairly short coat is close lying coat with a good sheen to it. Silver Egyptian Mau of bright silver base colour with black spotting paling around sides to charcoal. Clear 'M' on forehead with frown marks, complex scarab over top breaking into spots along spine. Mascara lines on cheeks, broken necklaces, bars on legs with spots on lower legs. Ringed tail with a dark tip. Lovely temperament.

Cambridgeshire Cat Club 26th April 2014

Judge Mrs S. Amor

1st BOB Lane’s AUTARI MAU DIOR 78 30s F 06.11.13 A super young silver Egyptian Mau female with the most wonderful spotting. A medium well muscled body of good weight and size with elegant proportionate limbs and small round dainty paws and a moderately thick tail which tapers evenly to a rounded tip.  Her head has a balanced medium wedge with good width between her medium sized ears that are of good shape and set well. A nicely rounded muzzle with uniform width to nose and a level bite. In profile a very gentle curve to brow, slight dip in to nose, chin is level with reasonable depth. Large expressive eyes, shaped like almonds with a super green colour developing nicely. Super short coat soft but with a resilient feel. An excellent with excellent random spots all over the body. A very promising young cat with a lovely gentle temperament.

Bedford & District Cat Club 26th April 2014

Judge Mrs S. Woodley

1 & BOB Lanes AUTARI MAU DIOR (78 30s) F 06/11/13

Well grown kitten of very good type and weight with a medium well filled body which has a nicely rounded chest standing tall on slender elegant legs which end in neat rounded paws, her tail is moderately thick and tapers slightly to a rounded tip. She has a nicely balanced head with a medium wedge and rounded muzzle. In profile she has a very gentle curve to her brow with a slight dip to nose and a level chin that is of good depth just showing some tarnish on muzzle. Her medium sized ears are broad at the base and slightly flared and set back on her head and cupped nicely forward. She has large lustrous almond shaped eyes that are already showing a pleasing gooseberry green colour. Her brow is level and her nose of uniform width giving her a super ' worried expression'. Nice texture developing to her clear silver coat that is short dense and close lying and has excellent contrast with lots of randomly placed black spots all over her body and tummy with just a little linkage on one shoulder. She has tiny spots on her legs, which are barred. She has two broken necklaces an M on her forehead with a complex scarab, lines running from the back of her head between her ears and down her neck that are breaking into small elongated spots along the spine line, that converge to form a dorsal stripe that runs to the end of her tail, pale spectacles with mascara effect to her eyes and dramatic penciling on her cheeks.